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Copper Ore Eolith
Copper Ore Eolith Without description
Bonus: No Bonus
Used by Race:
Profession: Not Equipable/Not in game
Tradable Not Repairable Dropable Storable Destroyable
Dropped From
# Name Level HP %
1 Bronze Ore 2 10 10
NPC that use this item
Character Condition Action
Ore Processsing Merchant
Ore Processsing Merchant
Magical Ocean
908 / 3522


Copper Ore EolithCopper Ore Eolith (99)


Copper PlateCopper Plate (20)

Used to Create:
Type Item
Crafting 1 Hunter GlovesHunter Gloves
Crafting 1 Attendant GlovesAttendant Gloves
Crafting 1 Soft Leather GlovesSoft Leather Gloves
Crafting 2 Racoon CapRacoon Cap
Crafting 2 Foster GlovesFoster Gloves
Crafting 2 Racoon ShoesRacoon Shoes
Crafting 2 Adventure BootsAdventure Boots
Crafting 2 Canvas BootsCanvas Boots
Crafting 2 Kitty ShoesKitty Shoes
Crafting 2 Officer NecklaceOfficer Necklace
Crafting 2 Antler RingAntler Ring
Crafting 2 Lv 2 Fog CoralLv 2 Fog Coral
Crafting 2 Light SwordLight Sword
Crafting 2 Necklace of DuskNecklace of Dusk
Crafting 2 Assault RingAssault Ring
Crafting 2 Ring of EcstasyRing of Ecstasy
Crafting 2 Vehemence SwordVehemence Sword
Crafting 2 Soldier BowSoldier Bow
Crafting 2 Swift KrisSwift Kris
Crafting 2 Light DaggerLight Dagger
Crafting 2 Scholar StaveScholar Stave
Can be obtained from:
Skill "Analyze" with Stone Catalyst Skill "Analyze" with Stone Catalyst
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