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Oceania Meteorite
Oceania Meteorite Without description
Bonus: No Bonus
Used by Race:
Profession: Not Equipable/Not in game
Tradable Not Repairable Dropable Storable Destroyable
Dropped From
# Name Level HP %
1 Oceania Meteorite 10 10 0.1
NPC that use this item
Character Condition Action
Ore Processsing Merchant
Ore Processsing Merchant
Magical Ocean
908 / 3522


Oceania MeteoriteOceania Meteorite (99)


Heavenly BrickHeavenly Brick (20)

Used to Create:
Type Item
Manufacturing 10 Radiation Lv5Radiation Lv5
Manufacturing 10 Exploding Lamb Lv5Exploding Lamb Lv5
Manufacturing 10 Carrion Ball Lv5Carrion Ball Lv5
Manufacturing 10 Sand Bag Lv5Sand Bag Lv5
Manufacturing 10 Flash Bomb Lv5Flash Bomb Lv5
Manufacturing 10 Grenade Lv5Grenade Lv5
Manufacturing 10 Soul Detector Lv5Soul Detector Lv5
Manufacturing 10 Hull Repair Lv5Hull Repair Lv5
Crafting 7 Robe of the SageRobe of the Sage
Crafting 7 Tsunami GlovesTsunami Gloves
Crafting 7 Faerie ShoesFaerie Shoes
Crafting 7 Rightful Black Dragon ClawRightful Black Dragon Claw
Crafting 7 Corporeal Black Dragon TorsoCorporeal Black Dragon Torso
Crafting 7 Bloodythirsty RingBloodythirsty Ring
Can be obtained from:
Skill "Analyze" with Stone Catalyst Skill "Analyze" with Stone Catalyst
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