Server Information Character Ship
XP rates: Level: Level:
Drop rates: HP: Defence:
This table allow to change info that database shows.
Server Information allow to change amount of exp/drop. Usable when you use HB or server have high rates.
Character - Your character stats. By using them database will calculate how strong monsters will hit you by skills.
Ship - calculate damage for ship from sea-type monsters.
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Blueprints Analyze
You can analyze all weapons and armors. To get different items you need to get items for different levels and use different Catalyst. The amount of items will be definned by character skill level, tool level and how succesfull you press "Stop" button. Don't know real formula yet.
Catalysts in game
Stone Catalyst Food Catalyst Special Catalyst Bone Catalyst
Plant Catalyst Fur Catalyst Liquid Catalyst Wood Catalyst
(now working)
All Catalysts you can get in IM. Once more - "Wood Catalyst" - not work. So don't buy it and use "Plant Catalyst" insted.
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