Server Information Character Ship
XP rates: Level: Level:
Drop rates: HP: Defence:
This table allow to change info that database shows.
Server Information allow to change amount of exp/drop. Usable when you use HB or server have high rates.
Character - Your character stats. By using them database will calculate how strong monsters will hit you by skills.
Ship - calculate damage for ship from sea-type monsters.
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Small Change Log:


We are still alive! :)

If you know what to update in database - you are welcome.


Updates comes not so often now :(

Added sorting scripts to some tables. In items - mobs, in mobs - items drop table, in NPC - selling table. Just click on table headers.

Now you can set not to display mobs on maps. Just set checkboxes and press "Reload Map" in table header.

Added table with list of items in items-types. Sorted by proffession/equip level. Some tables may be very "heavy" :)

Names and description of mobs/items/NPC can be edited now. For more info go here.


Images of all mobs in game.

Fixed some bugs with blueprints. Thanks to bublgum and Anoe.

Added NPC and what they are sell.

Changed site and links types. Old links will be supported, but you will be redirected to new one.

Added lists of all trees/fist/salvage ships/ore.

Added some point where you can get quests item like "Expensive Herbs", "Snow Crystal" and so on.

Added description of mobs icon on the maps.


List of items from blueprints with needed materials.

List of items that you can get by using skill Analyze.

List of items that can be obtained from different chests, NSS, OSS and other garbage.

Added Change Log :)


Corrected english translation.

Added quick search.

Added ill maps in game and added all mobs and some stationary points.

Added quest drop from mobs.

Added all stat info for mobs. Still not useful :)

Some small changes, don't remember correctly :)

Before 16.02.2008:

All items.

All mobs.

Maps and mobs on them.

Trade routes - what to sell, where to sell and where to buy.

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